General Information 

The Hartford Consortium for Higher Education (HCHE) provides opportunities for collaboration among faculty, student, staff and administrators at its member institutions. The Faculty Grant Program is one form of collaboration. HCHE encourages participants to develop joint projects involving two or more member institutions that benefit both members and the wider community in the Hartford area.

Examples of past projects include new courses, health and wellness initiatives, seminars on topics of regional concern, exhibits and performances, as well as service learning opportunities for students. We encourage applicants to reach beyond your campus borders to collaborate with community organizations or local government as well.

Individuals considering applications are encouraged to speak with grant writing staff at your institutions before beginning the process. They may be able to identify other funding sources to support larger scale project ideas.

HCHE Faculty Grant Fund

The Hartford Consortium for Higher Education (HCHE) establishes a fund to provide support through the grant program annually. In 2016-17 the total amount approved by the Board of Directors to be awarded is $5,000. The award may be for a single grant application in the amount of $5,000 or for several smaller projects.

2016 - 2017 Grant Deadline

  • Projects must be completed no later than May 19, 2017 but can have long-term impact or continuing service (such as a new course)

  • HCHE encourages projects that engage constituencies from across the spectrum of each institution

Grant Applications

  • Applicants must complete the application and provide additional narrative documentation as outlined on the cover sheet

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