The Voices of Hartford Success (VOHS) Essay Competition is open for the Class of 2017

Voices of Hartford Success (VOHS) is a collaborative project between The Hartford Consortium for Higher Education, the Hartford School District, the City of Hartford, Achieve Hartford!, Aetna and several private individuals committed to and inspired by the youth of Hartford.

The VOHS is an essay contest, designed to showcase the strength, persistence and resilience of Hartford youth as they strive to go to college and on to successful lives. The Hartford community faces its share of well-documented challenges. ‘Voices of Hartford Success’ celebrates triumph in the face of those challenges.

Students from the Hartford School District are asked to submit their college and scholarship essays. These essays highlight the commitment and drive students share in their college admissions essays.

Our goal is to show that the youth of Hartford are resilient, goal-oriented, and successful even in the face of often serious obstacles. We want to share these success stories with a larger audience so that Hartford can rightly be thought of as a city of striving youth, hope and success.

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The Voices of Hartford Success essay contest is now closed for 2017. The contest will reopen in the Fall, 2017 for the Class of 2018.