Dear friends,

In this time of great upheaval, Hartford Seminary has created a completely online summer schedule, with a new course specifically designed for the current climate: Interfaith Leadership in Times of Crisis.

We have also cut our regular credit and audit tuition in half for the summer courses. We hope you’ll join us this summer, starting May 18.

Special 50% Off For Credit Rate – Was $2,349 Now $1,175

Special 50% Off Audit Rate – Was $575 Now $288

Interfaith Leadership in Times of Crisis | Dr. Lucinda Mosher

May 18 - June 26 | The havoc wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic has elevated the need for robust resources and strategies for interfaith spiritual and collaborative leadership in mass casualty situations where loss is multireligious — or the response to it should be. Learn more about this course and register

Nonprofit Reality | Dr. Erica Dollhopf

May 18 - June 26 | Learn how nonprofits are structured, how they operate, and how they fit into the broader U.S. organizational landscape. We'll even cover how to start one! Learn more about this course and register.

Advanced Counseling Technique | Dr. Hooman Keshavarzi

May 18 - June 26 | Advanced training and supervision designed to further equip chaplains to provide counseling to individuals, couples, and families, with special attention to Muslim clients.  Learn more about this course and register.

Bricks and Mortals | The Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper

May 18 - June 26 | A New York City minister on the front lines of the Covid-19 crisis teaches pastors, seminarians, and not-for-profit leaders how to think ethically about mission and maintenance, buildings and programs, body and soul in one motion. Learn more about this course and register.

Non-Denominational Reality | Dr. Scott Thumma

June 1-26; Includes Synchronous, Weekly 3-Hour Zoom Meetings | Non-denominational churches are one of the fastest growing segments of the American religious landscape. You'll learn what makes them so appealing and what other congregations can learn from the trend. Learn more about this course and register.

Prophetic Biography: A Model of Pastoral Care and Praxis | Dr. Bilal Ansari

May 18 - June 26 | This course is a historical exploration of selected Prophetic biographical literature. Its aim is to understand how the Prophet Muhammad’s example can guide one to a deeper understanding of Muslim pastoral theology and praxis. Learn more about this course and register.