The Hartford Consortium for Higher Education (HCHE) is seeking two, no more than three college students from each participating member institution as a volunteer representative on the HCHE Student Advisory Committee (HSAC). The student will advise HCHE on student- centered and student-relevant initiatives, events, conferences, community engagement and workshops with the view to “Hartford as a Vibrant College Town”.

This is a volunteer, leadership opportunity where meetings are held only after consideration of examination activities and other pressing commitments.

Advisory meetings will be held approximately every two months or as needed, by phone, text, Group Me, FaceTime and in-person. Volunteers are required to attend at least two in- person meetings per school year.

The Student Will Be:

  • The representative for their school on the committee
  • The official HCHE Ambassador on their campus
  • Asked to attend an HCHE session to learn about HCHE
  • Asked to serve for a one year or two-year term
  • Officially recognized as an HCHE Student Leader (badge)

Activities and Responsibilities

  • Attend one (1) in-person meeting every two months; attendance of two (2) in-person meetings required per school year
  • **Volunteers who do not attend two (2) consecutive meetings (in person or remotely) will be removed from the HCHE Student Advisory Committee, except for extenuating, documented circumstances including but not limited to illness, study abroad
  • Attend other meetings by: SKYPE, Facetime, Conference calls - once monthly or as needed (Other forms of committee communication: GROUP ME, Texts, Email, social media (for events, conferences, workshops, media take-overs)
  • Lead short introductory sessions about HCHE and what we are doing for students at orientations, fairs and other campus-sponsored events
  • Be familiar with HCHE, its offerings to students: Cross Registration, collaborative events, conferences, workshops, initiatives, transportation options
  • Recruit potential HCHE Student Committee members
  • Offer guidance and advice on student-focused activities and initiatives to ensure HCHE provides relevant, timely opportunities for the student body
  • Act as a liaison between HCHE, campus leadership and administrators, student leaders, student government, groups and clubs
  • Volunteer (when available) for various HCHE-sponsored activities and recruit volunteers when appropriate
  • Be comfortable sharing, promoting and bringing attention to authorized HCHE events and initiatives through digital and traditional On occasion, students may be asked to volunteer to be the spokesperson or MC at HCHE events/initiatives after approval from their campus leader(s)
  • Students may be included in HCHE approved promotional photos, videos and/or other advertising collateral
  • Be a participant in focus groups, HCHE videos or other media promotions as authorized by HCHE and campus leadership


HCHE will reimburse students/volunteers for travel and/or parking, with valid receipt, when asked to attend and/or speak at specific conferences or to participate in panel discussions during their tenure as an active HCHE Student Advisory Committee member.

Student Advisory Committee Volunteer Form

Student Advisory Committee Guidelines